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Our Team


Valerio BarbieriValerio Barbieri, Agronomist
Valerio is a highly respected agronomist across Italy and is the man responsible for planting the majority of the RISECCOLI vineyards. Over the last 15 years, the estate has undergone several major transformations with Valerio leading the way, including the replanting and restructuring of the existing and newly acquired vineyards. A skilled agriculturalist with a true passion for nature, Valerio's other interest in life is in preserving some of the rarest breeds of farm animals in Tuscany.

Elisabetta BarbieriElisabetta Barbieri, Winemaker
Elisabetta graduated from the prestigious Università Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie di Firenze in 1999, which runs the best programme for the study of winemaking in Italy. Trained by the legendary Giacomo Tachis and other leading winemakers, she brings a great deal of experience to the estate having also worked for a number of important wineries before joining RISECCOLI. And as the daughter to the estate's agronomist, Elisabetta's world has always evolved around orchards, vines and olive trees, which partly explains her natural ability to spot the very best fruit.

Simone Franconi Simone Franconi, Cellar Master
Simone lives in the nearby hilltop village of Montefioralle, one of the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy. Having worked hand in hand with some of Italy's best-known winemakers, Simone now works in close cooperation with Elisabetta and provides great care to each vintage in our cellars. His other passion in life also comes in handy at RISECCOLI: hunting the wild boars (cinghiale) that roam in the forests on the hills around our vineyards.

Serena BarbieriSerena Barbieri, Manager of Administration and Shipments
Serena is not only responsible for administration and shipments, but also for our tasting room and direct sales outlet. Having been with RISECCOLI since the year 2000, she is well known and appreciated by all wine enthusiasts and industry experts coming to visit the estate. She falls perfectly in step with our "keeping it in the family" approach, being Valerio's niece and Elisabetta's cousin.

Sibilla BecucciSibilla Becucci, Manager of Local Sales
Sibilla manages and supervises our regional sales, organises our wine tasting events and provides back-up assistance with our visitors. Her radiant personality comes naturally and is utterly contagious. One can’t help but give in to Sibilla's charm and smile.

Marianna VeltroMarianna Veltro, Manager of Local Sales
Marianna takes care of our local and regional sales and helps with the organisation of RISECCOLI wine tasting events, along with Sibilla. Being a native and resident of Panzano in Chianti, she has a great deal of local knowledge and is always pleased to provide guidance and special recommendations to our visitors. And being a linguist (Marianna is fluent in Italian, English, German, and Mandarin), she finds working at RISECCOLI provides her with a unique opportunity to practice her language skills, while still remaining true to her Tuscan origins.