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The steep slopes of our vineyards provide excellent natural drainage

The Vineyards


The RISECCOLI vineyards are spread across two distinctive areas; the Historical Vineyards, which consist of eight parcels around the original estate cellars (3.5 kilometers east of the village of Greve in Chianti), and the Santo Stefano Vineyards, which are 5 kilometers north of Greve. The latter were acquired in the year 2000 and consist of three beautiful parcels.

The Historical Vineyards cover a total area of ten hectares. These are south to southeast facing and are located between Greve and the top of the Monte San Michele. As the highest point in the Chianti Classico hills, the Monte San Michele provides a natural shelter to our vineyards from climatic hazards, such as cloudbursts and hailstorms. These factors, combined with the altitude at which the vineyards are planted (between 350 and 450 meters above sea level), create ideal climatic conditions for the growing and maturation of our grapes. The average age of the Sangiovese vines stock is 15 years old. The soil composition at the Historical Vineyards consists essentially of a mix of galestro, schistous clay and sandstone. Steep slopes and high permeability provide excellent natural drainage. The fruit coming from these vineyards tend to be naturally concentrated and perfumed.

The six hectares of our Santo Stefano Vineyards were originally an orchard, which we re-terraced, drained and replanted in 2000-2001. The soil combination there is galestro and clay. These parcels are southeast facing and are between 250m and 300m above sea level. Rainfall is sparse and mostly concentrated in spring, late autumn and winter. The high quality fruit from these vineyards produce wines that are bold and powerful.

At RISECCOLI, yields for the Sangiovese grapes are kept at the lowest level (40 to 45hl/ha) in the Chianti Classico area, thereby enhancing the Sangiovese fruit in our wines.