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Romano Romanelli drew the illustration of the house featured on our product labels in the early 1920's, when our wines were first bottled under the RISECCOLI brand name



RISECCOLI was originally acquired as a working farm, not just with vineyards, but olive groves and orchards as well. The wines from the then existing vineyards were mostly for the private consumption of the Romanelli family and their closest friends in Florence. Nevertheless, Professor Romanelli soon took to modernising the estate, adopting the latest of viticultural and winemaking methods of the time. RISECCOLI rapidly became known for its quality wines, first in Tuscany, as demonstrated by the awards the estate has received dating as far back as 1927, and then beyond Italy's borders.

More recently, the current owners, together with their team, have carried out several major transformations to the estate. This included restructuring the vineyards, improving the clonal selection and diversifying the grape varietals, the acquisition and replanting of new vineyards, and upgrading the winemaking techniques and cellar equipment. Through constant attention and investment in our viticulture and winemaking processes, we ensure that our wines continue to be recognized nationally and internationally as among the best of Tuscany. And we aim to remain known as one of the most interesting and quality-oriented small-scale wine producers in the Chianti Classico area.