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Our Products

Only the finest quality products are bottled under our own labels

In the early 1900's, the Romanelli family and their dearest friends in Florence were among the fortunate few to enjoy the fine wines and the extra-virgin olive oil from the RISECCOLI estate. Over the years, these handcrafted products were made more widely available and our family-run winery now shares them with a continuously growing group of enthusiastic and dedicated clients, family and friends all over the world.

We continue to produce the full range of RISECCOLI wines and extra-virgin olive oil utilizing the utmost care, attention to detail and with the same artisanal approach when the estate was originally acquired. And only the finest quality products are bottled under our own labels.

The inspiration behind the designs on our product labels comes from our area in the Chianti Classico hills and from Florence, where the Romanelli family originates.

Romano Romanelli himself drew the illustration of the house featured on the product labels, representing a fortified house that sits on the edge of the estate. This illustration was created in the early 1920's when our wines were first bottled under the RISECCOLI brand name.

The illustrations that appear on the wine labels (under the name of each wine) are derived from ancient symbols found in the church of San Miniato a Monte in Florence, considered by some to be one of the most beautiful churches in Italy. And the rows of majestic cypress trees that surround the estate cellars provided the inspiration for the labels on our Rinascita brand.