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Olive Oil

Tenuta RISECCOLI is among only a select handful of estates at the heart of the Chianti Classico region that concentrate on producing the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil, made with olives harvested solely by hand from their own olive groves.

The 2,500 trees in the RISECCOLI olive groves are from the prized Frantoio (60%), Moraiolo (35%), Leccino and Pendolino (5%) varieties and are farmed with traditional organic methods to obtain olives of truly superior quality.

All of our hand-picked-olives are harvested at their best maturity, when they are half-green and half-dark. After the manual harvesting, the olives are taken immediately to the press to avoid the risks associated with long intervals between harvest and pressing, ensuring that all the characteristics of the fruit are preserved. The fruit then undergoes a cold pressing process that successfully combines modernity with respect for traditional olive oil producing techniques.

Yields are very low; 100 kilos of olives make approximately 10 litres of oil. Traditional manual methods are used to separate any impurities from the olive oil. The sediment in the bottles is a tell-tale sign of the product integrity; our olive oil doesn't undergo any heavy filtration in order to retain all its healthy benefits.

The RISECCOLI extra virgin olive oil is at its best within the first 12 to 18 months of the pressing of the olives, which usually takes place in November each year.

The colour is deep green, the taste is complex, full-body and refined on the palate. Olive oil of this quality is an ideal vehicle to enhance the tastes and aromas in a variety of mediterranean food preparations. Our olive oil is a rare, fine and healthy artisanal product that carries the characteristics of the finest Tuscan oils: green, grassy, with a peppery taste and unique tang.


“Tenuta RISECCOLI's extra-virgin olive oil displays a pronounced fragrance of almonds and ripe olives: discrete and late developing bite; delicate bitterness coming from the ripe olives and almond aroma; good density on the palate.”
Merum Magazine,
2010 Italian Olive Oils Guide (March 2010)