Tenuta RISECCOLI produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Our 2,000 trees from the prized Moraiolo (50%), Frantoio (45%), Leccino and Pendolino (5%) varieties are farmed with traditional methods and harvested by hand to obtain olives of superior quality. The fruit undergoes the cold pressing process. Our extra-virgin olive oil is certified Bio and guaranteed to be made 100% from the estate’s own olive groves.

To consume RISECCOLI’s extra virgin olive oil at its best it is important to consume it young – usually not much beyond 12 to 18 months after pressing. Olive oil of this quality acts very much as a vehicle to flavour, drawing out and enhancing tastes and aromas, helping to create a smooth mouth feel to any type of food.

RISECCOLI’s extra-virgin olive oil carries the characteristics of the finest: fresh, green, grassy, with a peppery aftertaste and distinctive tang. This is a rare, fine, natural and healthy artisanal food product.


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