Our wine estate is an ideal location for wine-loving enthusiasts and visitors looking to entertain their family, friends and guests in the heart of Tuscany.

Over the years we have indeed hosted a number of special events and celebrations. 

We provide bespoke, customised and highly personal party-planning for guests that trust our sense of hospitality, good taste and attention to detail for their most treasured moments 

 Our own Hospitality & Private Events Team are available to organize and assist with the entire special event planning from start to finish, ensuring peace of mind and efficient collaboration. 

They will offer a versatile approach to any event and will interpret and implement all your creative ideas with impeccable attention to the finest details. They have experience and a true passion for hospitality and will turn your desires into reality

We will host you and your guests in our holiday villas for the length of your celebration (typically 2 nights over 3 days).

Staying with us is a chance to experience the charm and beauty of our comfortable farmhouses and sharing a true Tuscan experience.

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